28 July 2012

Positive and Negative

There are billion of people in this world, borned in different culture, belief, religion and family, so its normal to have different view on a same issue with different people.

I always believe that if you can view it on a positive way, even in some bad incidents, it will make your life easier, or even it helps to solve the problem. People with positive thinking will do things better than people with pessimistic. Of course, Im not using the word optimistic because there is a difference between optimistic and positive thinking.

Well, I have been facing an issue that surrounds me in these few months, only my closest friends will know about it. I still view this issue positively, but the issue starting to fade me. I really hope, sincerely hope it wont turn away from me with further distance.

I told me close friend before, I take it as a challenge, I still think it will be a very good happy ending. Hmph, although i start to lost some confidence on it, I will still try to do my vv best. ^^

Quote of the day(from my closet people):"When its belong to you, in the end it will still be yours. When it doesnt mean to be yours, in the end it still wont be yours."

02 March 2012


昨晚独自一个人吃完A&W,自己跑去书店里看书。突然被一本书深深地吸引着,那就是我们前首相(有人也称独裁者)Dr Mahathir 的自传。













Quote of the day(from mahathir):"这本自传是献给我老婆的"

24 October 2011


I seldom express my political view to my frenz and public. That's because it may cause conflict between them. Some may prefer the current gov, some may prefer the opposition. Furthermore, I believe that everyone else has their right to support their political view, regardless of religion and race.

However, I really dissapointed with the current movement of malaysia politics. Australian politics, what they fight is the policy quality. But malaysia what they fight is personal attacks.

Sometimes i rather not read the news in m'sia. Makin baca, makin sedih hati, especially comparing with australian politics.

Hope our politician can improve, regardless of BN or Pakatan. My beloved family, frenz and root are still there.

quote from myself:"As a politician, at the bottom line u still take into consideration of the rakyat la, no matter which party u from."

21 May 2011

Life in Brisbane/UQ

It's been nearly 3 months since i left my mother country to this piece of new "mat salleh" land.

SO far so good la. Manage to secure a partial scholarship to reduce the burden of my family.

Studies? Upon not satisfying with my income tax law subject, others are still within my expectation.

I juz miss malaysia so much, I miss my family, the food, my car n of course my frenz there.

In uq, i really know what's the meaning of "rich".

Some of my china frenz already spent their secondary school in australia before they went into UQ. Juz calcualted the math here, 6 years of secondary + 4 years of uni. They spent about 10 years in aussie. Average we need RM150k yearly to live in aussie, so means they need about RM1.5 million(3 million chinese yuan) for the entire course!! Some even got brother n sister studying here 2gether!!

This is not the surprising fact. My china frenz even belanja us makan steamboat(cost not less than 500 aussie) when it was their birthday!! Really eat until muntah oso cant finish the food.

I really experience wat's the meaning of "rich" when i mix with them. o.0""

Quote of the day(from my vv rich china frenz vinsent:"My dad onli do part time job in china onli"

04 January 2011

Bye to 2010, Hi to 2011

Somehow, I juz feel that time passed by faster as i grow "older". Spent the new year eve wif baby, ck, andrew n chris at One station selayang jaya playing true or dare. Really a crazy nite though.

Anyway, I am a person who like to make a report of myself occasionally to determine my achievement or failure that i've made. Further more, it would be a stimulus and lesson for me to be a better man.

So, lets make a report(2010) + vision(2011) for myself.

Family -> 10/10

Family always score the highest mark in my report. Without them, NTS wont exist in the world. They are the solid basement of what NTS is today. They are the one who give me countless of love n support without hoping return in it.

2011 vision -> 2011 will be a year that i wont be around in this warming family. Wish daddy, mommy, brother, grandma and others will always stay healthy, happy n wealthy.

Relationship -> 9/10

Relationship was my lowest score category once upon a time. But it is history ady. I juz wanna thanks to my baby, she did give me happiness, anger n tears. N i believe these elements flourish my 2010 year. In human life, I always think that a person is imperfect without finding his/her another half to share the drop drop bit bit of life. SO, i really appreciate and grateful to have my baby to become my another half.

Vision 2011 -> It will be year that we stay 2gether outside of our beloved family. NTS vision will be that we can overcome all the obstacle in the year ahead, sharing + caring towards each other. Love u , muacks.

Frenz -> 8/10

In 2010, I think that I spent a lot of crazy day n nite wif my INTAN gang. They do gave me alot of joyful and crazy moment. Not to mention the genting trip n countless of nite exploration in KL. N oso my HELP gang, dai lai n sam lai. Its really fun wif u guyz. Ohya, Heng oso, both of us really did smth that outside ppl cannot imagine at all. =p

2011 vision -> I wanna make more frenz in UQ. Of course aiming to get another funnny + crazy gang in australia to leave a memorable moment in my life. Well, long live INTAN gang though!

Financial-> 8/10

Ppl who take a note in newspaper will realize that 2010 was a good year for investor. I do get wat i aim in the stock market, somehow it exceeded my expectation. Well, i juz started my forex in the end of year 2010.

Vision 2011 -> One word, Bullish year ahead!!!!!! At least 15% gain in my overall portfolio( Stock market, AS1M n forex)

Studies -> 8/10

With my last minute study style,still manage to get Cgpa of 3.35 for my studies so far, should be grateful liao la. On the other hand, must thanks to Mr Valliappan for letting me to get the highest score(ICAEW Award) for his FIN 204 subject. =)

Vision 2011 -> Aim to get at least second upper degree when graduate from University of Queensland. Well, if i can get scholarship (partial oso ok) from UQ, I really need to ^$*(%&*^ liao lo.

Health -> 6/10

I still remember that "keep fit" was one of my definite aim in 2010. well, juz look at my fb pic n i realize i fail this aim in 2010. Haiz, getting fatter n fatter. But on the other hand, my blood pressure do get vv stable over the year. =)

Vision 2011 -> Not dare to make anymore unrealistic aim, juz hope to consume less sugar, less salt n less oily food. Baby oso feel hopeless on my "keep fit" programme.

Overall, I give a 8/10 to my life in 2010. Honestly, Im really satisfy with what i've achieved n done in the last year. I love my life in 2010, of course looking forward to 2011 ahead.

Quote of the day(from Peter Buffett):"Life is what you make it"

22 November 2010

Malaysia vs Singapore

I just came back from Sentosa, Genting Singapore last week. Resort World Sentosa + Universal Studion is such a fascinating and nice place to enjoy. I dare to say it is even better than Hong Kong Disneyland despite its HOT weather.

If given a chance, I will go there next year again with carol when the roller coaster in Universal Studion reopen.

Honestly, I am not quite "shuang"(satisfy) with Singaporean due to their "kiasu", "arrogant", "kiasi", "black and white", "everything to law" attitude.

, Here are some facts about Singapore and Malaysia.

Malaysia population > Singapore population 5 times

Malaysia civil servants > Singapore civil servants 20 times

Malaysia land > Singapore land 478times

However, Malaysia GDP 2010 (205 billion US) < Singapore GDP 2010 (210 billion US)
With this, earnings per Singaporean is far much higher than Malaysian.

I realize than there are countless of Malaysian (including my frenz) who are working in Singapore. Every year, countless of Malaysia "quality" elite export to Singapore(all other world) from Malaysia. On the other hand, every year countless of Indonesia "low skilled" pendatang asing import to our motherland.

I think this is the reason why it makes the fact about Malaysia vs Singapore.

Look at the world outside Malaysia. We cannot become only jaguh kampung, y Singapore boleh but Malaysia......??!!

I heard someone said that Singapore population is small so it is easy to manage. But, look at China?? Their country is the largest population in the world, but also one of the fastest economy growth.

Somehow, I still believe in Malaysia future. I love the people here, the food, the environment and of course the feeling. I still proud of telling ppl that myself is a malaysia whenever im outside malaysia.

Maybe, one day when i decide to migrate to other country, we are comparing Malaysia to Myanmar, not Singapore anymore.

Quote of the day(from Lee Kuan Yew):"Talent is the key"

12 November 2010


Emo is always a trend that teenager follow nowadays.

Im a teenager, of course i wont escape from it. It just that it was long long time ago since my last emo-ing period.

My onli hard disk which contains all my photo since my secondary time was $%$^%$*. I used to be a person who live in a past memory. Although i change much all this while, but this does not mean that i dun need my photo to recall my memories.

Cannot blame on any1 on this, I accidentally stepped on it. Who ask my leg so itchy.

Even my dad told me a good news which was suppose to be my "most anticipated happy" news, smile on my face was onli an emmotion, not feeling.

For guyz, there are 3 elements in their life to worry about. First, money. Second, "face" n ur family(including another half).

So, now i can find enough reasons for me to emo. I juz wanna stay at home, close all the hp n listen to song wholeday. Suddenly, i miss my hometown vv much.

Anyway, juz treasure the moment though.

quote of the day(from 李宗盛):"为自己的心找一个家"